6 Must-Go Singapore Events You Want To Take Note of in 2017

Known as the Lion City, Singapore Events is a flourishing island, bristling with culture and diversity. Travelers will be enthused to discover a myriad of exciting things in 2017, with these Singapore events being among the most eagerly anticipated.

Become a Petrolhead at The Singapore Motorshow (12th – 15th January)

2017-singapore-motorshowKeeping in line with the theme of cars. The Singapore Motorshow is the ideal exhibition for gearheads and motor enthusiasts, and runs from the 12th – 15th January, 2017. To accommodate more than 58,000 visitors. As well as boasting two floors of motor vehicle splendour, the event also features an exhilarating show in precision driving, starring stunt driver Russ Swift.

Party All Day at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival (21st January) 카지노사이트

2017-st-jerome-festival-singaporeSt Jerome’s Laneway Festival is a brilliant fusion of independent music, food and festivity, held annually in January.

The festival puts great emphasis on upcoming bands, singers and artists that are not quite mainstream, but have cultivated considerable followings and success.

One day festival lasts for 12 hours, with 2017’s lineup. Including impressive acts such as Tourist, Clams Casino, Tycho and The Julie Ruin. Judging from the turnout in 2016, where 13,000 people came to party, the next festival promises to be even more vibrant than the last.

Celebrate Chinese New Year in Style on River Hongbao (28th January)

2017-chinese-new-year-event-singaporeChinese New Year is widely celebrated in Singapore, with River Hongbao. Being an integral location for the event ever since 1986. The event makes for a breath-taking spectacle, where you will witness displays of incredibly crafted Chinese lanterns paraded along the river, beaming with luminous colours. Cultural performances are plentiful, with acrobatics, dance and opera all taking place, ensuring that there is never a dull moment. There are also fireworks, a carnival, funfair rides, and a whole host of other activities, rounded off with some delicious Singaporean street food. The date for celebration falls on the new moon each year, with the 2017 date being confirmed as January 28th. 안전한카지노사이트

Rock Out with Guns N’ Roses (25th February)

2017-guns-n-roses-event-singaporeThe legendary rock band, Guns N’ Roses, famous for hits. Such as ‘Estranged’ and ‘Paradise City’, are due to perform in Singapore on February 25th. The concert, which forms part of their ‘Not in this Lifetime’ tour, will take place in the Singapore Changi Exhibition Centre, which has a vast outdoor display area of 100,000 sqm. This will be first time that Guns N’ Roses performs in Singapore, and it promises to be an electrifying atmosphere.

Sample a Slice of Luxury at The Singapore Yacht Show (6th – 9th April)

2017-yacht-show-event-singaporeThe Singapore Yacht Show is held at the One 15 Marina. A luxury marine neighbourhood in the beautiful resort of Sentosa Island, and takes place from the 6th – 9th April, 2017. The event is an excellent opportunity to marvel at the most awe-inspiring super yachts, supercars. As well as many other prestige brands and products.

Get Your Adrenaline Pumped at the F1 Grand Prix (29th September – 1st October)

When it comes to Singapore events, it doesn’t get much bigger than the Formula 1 race. Which is the only race track held at night in the whole championship.

Since 2008, the Singapore Grand Prix has proved to be one of the most dramatic and atmospheric of all the F1 races. Playing host to around 80,000 spectators, and is certain to leave the pulse racing and hearts fluttering. 카지노사이트 추천

Singapore events in 2017 promise to be full of excitement, with the Singapore Food Festival in July also being a noteworthy addition. Marking a celebration of the diverse range of Singaporean cuisine, and the Singapore Night Festival in August. Which is a perfect showcase for performers and creative types.

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