White Hat

The White Hat – Symbol of Maximum Hospitality for Events

A must-visit city may seem like a popular venue, The white Hat. But the sights don’t have the charm they once did. According to numerous interviews participating in the latest Skift Meetings Trend Report, most attendees want a venue to have a real connection to the local culture and community. 카지노사이트

This message can be a relief to those who want to impress without requiring attendees to take a long-haul flight. On the other hand, it raises an important question: what makes a destination authentic? Choosing an area known for its unique lifestyle and perspectives can be helpful, but a meaningful sense of connection requires participants to feel genuinely welcome.

The best host city is one that actively incorporates excellence in hospitality at the heart of its identity. Calgary has long boasted the unique brand of hospitality for which Western Canada is famous and has its own innovative approach to making guests feel welcome in the community. You’ve heard of white glove service, but have you heard of “white hat”? In Calgary, white cowboy hats have become a symbol of the city’s friendly spirit: locals wear hats to show they’re willing to help and give them to visitors to make them really feel like they belong. This tradition forms the basis for four local programs, all designed to make guests feel at home.

The Beginnings of a Thriving Tradition

A housewarming gift can serve as a bridge to local culture when chosen with intent and an understanding of local history, and the Calgary White Hat is a prime example of this. In 1946, Smithbilt Hats founder Maurice Schumiatcher created an all-white felt cowboy hat with a red band reflecting the colors of the Calgary Stampede brand. Many of the first hats produced debuted at the Stampede Parade in 1947.

When the Calgary Stampeders faced Ottawa for the Gray Cup (Canada’s equivalent of the Super Bowl) in 1948, a trainload of Calgary fans headed east to watch the final and show off their white caps. Legend has it that their celebration included impromptu barbecues and pancakes on the steps of Toronto City Hall. Their party spirit and street hospitality made their distinctive white hats both a merchandise item and a nationally recognized emblem of Calgary culture. 온라인카지노사이트

It’s a way of offering visitors to the city an active and focused invitation not only to enjoy the local culture, but also to be a part of it.

Attendees vow to spread the friendly spirit of Calgary wherever they go, and so don their white hats as a symbol of their status as honorary members of the community. As former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi explains, the ceremony has “a profound meaning.” He says: “It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you look like, what you worship or who you love. What really matters is that you are welcome here and that you belong here and that you are in a place where you can do your best The White Hat Ceremony is a unique and meaningful way to bring participants together by connect them in a meaningful way with a unique local culture and community.

Tourism Calgary can connect you with a local supplier to order hats for your ceremony and provide a representative to perform the ceremony at a time and location of your choice. In a spirit of welcome and inclusion, the white hat can become the headgear of choice.

Warm Welcome Right At The Airport: White Hat Volunteers

This hospitable atmosphere is created as soon as visitors set foot on Calgary’s soil, thanks to the White Hat Volunteers at Calgary International Airport (YYC), who once again serve as ambassadors for the “unique hospitality” the city makes. Airports often give guests their first impression of a destination, so event planners need to keep that experience in mind. As the name suggests, YYC White Hatters wear white hats and red vests to signal they are there to help travelers. They greet guests with a warm welcome and a ready smile, and are happy to answer their questions or get in touch with them. YYC White Hatters takes great pride in making customers feel welcome, and many of them were once newbies. 바카라사이트

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